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Hermes H bracelet

Hermes H bracelet kinds, couplers complex. Sycee silver qianfenshu amount not less than 925 known Sterling silver. Also known as the "925 silver", sterling silver is usually added to the 7.5% copper mixed synthesis with 92.5% silver. The search due to the incorporation of the copper, the manufactured goods in the polished gloss, than pure silver bright beautiful, so often used in jewelry and silverware. Then the sycee false and how to see? Below small make up to introduce you to a few distinguish silver tips:
1 check hardness
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hermes h belts fineness higher texture softer, more clean surface guangrun. With 60 grams of hermes h belt as an example, such as hand pull it open, no stretch, the fineness in about 95%; if the point elasticity, fineness of about 80%~90%; if the elastic large, quality is below 70%.
2 see crops
To cut or break open silver jewelry, watch the stubble color. Such as jewelry stubbles thick and soft, soft, slightly reddish, fineness of about 95% or so; as with a hand cranked folding hard stubbles, white and gray, or slightly reddish, fineness of about 90% or so; such as hardness large, pale red, Huang Baihuo grey stubble, the fineness of about 80% or so; such as bending a hard, stubble in reddish, yellowish, brown color, fineness of about 70% or so; such as stubble in lipstick with a black hermes belt, or yellow with black, color 60%.
3 bending method
Pinch the bending fingers, high-purity soft and flexible, easy to bend is not easy to break; the quality of the bending is hard, or barely folding moving or hermes belts, some even can not use fingers folding moving; silver clad by bending or hammer a few cracks; false can not afford the bending, easy to break.
4 casting method
The high fineness of silver jewelry is heavy, left on the counter jump is not high, there is a "poof tick" sound; false or low quality of light, throw on the counter up very high, the sound is quite clear.
5 nitrate identification method
Glass nitrate drops in the hermes bracelet file opening, high fineness of brown rice was hidden, green or micro green; low purity is dark green, or black.


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